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Play-to-Earn Gaming Faces Obstacles to Expansion



Play-to-Earn Gaming Faces Obstacles to Expansion



In the gaming sector, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian recently raised some eyebrows when he projected on the “Where It Happens” podcast that play-to-earn gaming will take over 90% of the market in five years.

In the podcast, Ohanian stated, “Ninety percent of people will not play a game unless they are adequately valued for that time.”

“In five years,” he added, “instead of being harvested for commercials or fleeced for bucks to purchase silly hammers you don’t actually own, you’ll be playing some on-chain similar game that will be just as exciting, but you’ll actually earn value, and you’ll be the harvester.”

For in-game prizes and revenue, most play-to-earn games employ cryptocurrencies rather than proprietary tokens. “Axie Infinity,” a Pokemon-style game where Axies can be purchased and traded for Ronin cryptocurrency, is the most popular play-to-earn title.

While play-to-earn gaming is gaining popularity, Michael Inouye, a principal analyst at ABI Research, noted that much of the enthusiasm and interest is focused on future opportunities rather than improvements to present gaming business models.

“The bigger potential comes from the excitement around the metaverse,” he told TechNewsWorld, “where digital products will be acquired, purchased, and traded much like real-world, tangible commodities.”

Optimistic Prediction

According to Ross Rubin, senior analyst at Reticle Research, a consumer technology consultancy business in New York City, there have been a lot of trials over the years with paying individuals to do things like view advertising or play games.

“Payment is usually made in a proprietary currency that can be exchanged for rewards,” he told TechNewsWorld. “That’s where play-to-earn gaming comes in.”

He went on to say, “Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is more universally recognized than proprietary currencies.” “It also permits something to be done that was previously impossible.” It allows for microtransactions. This may make play-to-earn gaming more feasible than in the past, but there are still a lot of difficult dynamics.”

He explained that “so much of the industry is made up of casual gamers – individuals playing a game on their phone while waiting on a train, in an elevator, or in a waiting room.”

“It would be a dramatic reversal of what has been a highly lucrative paradigm — in-app purchases — where the money has been moving in the opposite direction, to developers and game businesses,” he said.

Chirag Upadhyay, an industry analyst at Strategy Analytics, a worldwide research, consultancy, and analytics business, said, “It’s overly optimistic.”

He told TechNewsWorld, “Developers and game businesses are attempting to earn money from software.” “It will detract from that.”

Resistant Developers

Ohanian’s projection is “wildly optimistic,” according to Mark N. Vena, president and chief analyst of SmartTechResearch in San Jose, Calif.

He told  “I’m quite doubtful about the 90% statistic.”

He stated, “The majority of the gaming community is on consoles and mobile devices.” “The writers of those platforms’ titles are adamant about not changing their business model.”

“Those creators must come on board with play-to-earn gaming,” he concluded. “It would take a lot of effort to do it in five years.”

Cryptocurrency usage might potentially be a concern. “Its unpredictability might be a deterrent to game producers adopting play-to-earn gaming,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the new Xbox and PlayStation game consoles, which are not designed for NFT and cryptocurrency deployment, are still within their five-year lives.

“To make it work, Microsoft and Sony would have to do stuff at the platform level,” he said. “I don’t think they’ll do it.”

He said, “Future platforms may support the trend,” but “I don’t see it occurring in the immediate future.”

Getting Paid To Play

IDC’s gaming research director, Lewis Ward, expressed worry about the fundamental reason of play-to-popularity. earn’s

“I don’t think these play-to-earn games are wonderful games, and I don’t think they’re pushing gamers to play them because they’re amazing games,” he said.

“From what I’ve heard, a sizable portion of the Axie Infinity user base is getting paid to play the game,” he stated.

“In the cryptocurrency realm, individuals are paying people to play games in order to boost the value of cryptocurrencies and their link to NFTs,” he claimed. “In that context, having a lot of liquidity, a lot of people buying and selling what you have to offer, gives other people confidence that it will appreciate over time.” As a result, the cryptocurrency’s creators have a strong incentive in increasing transaction volume.”

“What concerns me is that the desire in play-to-earn games is a type of self-dealing,” he said. “In and around this arena, companies are basically paying individuals to play these games in order to push up the value of cryptocurrencies that they can monetize.” It turns into a money-making venture.”

“Once you get into minors and the extraction of cryptocurrencies into fiat currency, this may cause a slew of legal concerns,” he warned.

“That’s why there aren’t any play-to-earn games on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store,” he explained. “The platform owners don’t want to become involved in something so unclear from a legal standpoint and risk facing lawsuits down the road,” says one source.

Digital products and NFTs will undoubtedly have value in the future, according to Inouye, but there is still a lot of work and research to be done before they become the major income generator for the gaming industry.

“In this perspective, pay-to-earn should be considered more as a tool to reward players for their efforts and virtual collections, but shifting income sources away from premium and advertising will require a big lift,” he added.

“I’m not saying it’s impossible in five years — we’ve seen some surprising shifts happen in short periods of time — but the chances, I’d say, are quite remote,” he said.

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With Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS, Microsoft claims to have enhanced performance. Since then, the cloud game streaming service, previously known as xCloud, has been available in Safari on iOS and iPadOS. A dedicated app offers more features and functionality, but the web browser version lacks some of those features. Despite this, Microsoft continues to improve performance on Apple’s mobile devices.

Improved video output on iOS devices and network data transmission speed up Xbox Cloud Gaming responsiveness. We heard you and have made significant speed improvements to all supported iPhone and iPad devices as a consequence of your feedback,” says Nicole Hilbert, Xbox product manager. “You should notice a significant improvement in the responsiveness and fluidity of gaming with these improvements.”

Significantly reducing input latency, or the time it takes for an action you take with your thumbstick or button to appear on the screen, should be one of these “significant performance enhancements.” The Xbox Cloud Gaming service has been steadily improving over the last year thanks to bespoke Xbox Series X hardware.

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Pre-orders for some Steam Decks have been delayed.



Pre-orders for some Steam Decks have been delayed.

Many Steam Deck fans are eagerly awaiting the email confirming their ability to place an order since the device was released last week. The wait for Valve’s new handheld device is getting longer and longer for some people further down the line.

The order availability for some users has been pushed from “Q3 2022” to “After Q3 2022” on the Steam Deck subreddit. As for the vague “After Q2 2022,” some say it has become more concrete as the year 2022 draws nearer. A backlog is building for some customers, and it appears that this is due to users ahead of them being locked into a specific release window.

Several members of the IGN staff have confirmed these claims, and their estimated availability has been revised to Q3 2022. One Redditor urged those in the “After Q3” window to remain optimistic, pointing out that the estimate is most likely an extreme case.

“This month, we expect to be selling hundreds of thousands of units a month,” Valve said in a statement. “We want to sell millions of units” (April). To begin with, this indicates a strong motivation to move a large number of units. To make millions, they need to get these into stores, and to do that, they must allay the retailers’ concerns “They penned a piece.

“Second, they expect to be able to transport a large number of units. If ‘hundreds of thousands’ of units per month can be achieved and maintained, then reservations made today will be met within a few months. As far as ‘After Q3’ goes, I believe Valve is simply being cautious. Still expecting my unit to arrive in Q2 even though I’m in Q3.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have exacerbated supply chain issues for Valve, as they have for many other platform owners. “A lot of manufacturing and supply chain issues,” CEO Gabe Newell said in an interview with IGN last week, when asked if Valve had learned anything from PS5 and Xbox Series X’s launch. He said the nature of Steam Deck made comparisons to the Nintendo Switch more straightforward.

The Steam Deck was originally scheduled to be released in late 2021, but was pushed back to 2022.
Valve is still tweaking and improving the Steam Deck. A “constantly improving” platform that still has compatibility issues with various anti-cheat systems was described in our review. Valve is currently working on optimizing Elden Ring for the Steam Deck, which launched around the same time as the Steam Deck.
A tough time to launch new hardware, and Steam Deck isn’t the only platform affected by the unique challenges faced by today’s global economy. It’s best to keep an eye on your order status and cross your fingers if you got a chance to pre-order the Steam Deck.

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Tips, Hints, and Tricks for Hitman Sniper: The Shadow



Tips, Hints, and Tricks for Hitman Sniper: The Shadow


Chapters in Hitman Sniper: The Shadows’ single-player campaign are broken up into a series of contracts, which you can complete as you progress. If you want to play in PvP instead, you’ll be pitted against other players to see who can rack up the most contract points.

There are eight distinct vantage points and times of day from which to view these missions, all of which are set in a large mountainous area. Killing every criminal in sight and racking up a particular number of points is the goal in all of them.

At the outset, you’ll be able to take in the entire scene. With a single tap on the Scope-Up icon, you’ll be able to peek through the scope and zoom in on your targets with either pinch-to-zoom or the zoom meter.

An eye-shaped button appears on the screen as well. All enemies and objects that you can interact with will be highlighted in orange, and this is your Instinct.

Moving your cursor over an object tells you what happens if you shoot it. A red circle indicates damage, while a blue one indicates attention from nearby adversaries.

To fulfill a contract, you must meet all three of its primary requirements: kill the main boss, eliminate all of the guards, and accrue more than a predetermined number of points. Additional bonus goals include firing someone into a woodchipper or killing them with an explosion, as well as the standard objectives.


Shooter game Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. In addition to meeting your goals, the goal is to obtain the finest available prizes by achieving the highest possible score.

There are a lot of ways to improve your grade. Using your Special Ability, luring kills and moving kills will get you extra points, as will accidental killings and body disposals.

However, the ideal strategy to get a high score is to pay attention to the expertise of your agent. The more times you hit a target with a bullet from your agent’s gun, the more money you make. It’s the same with accidental death, multiple death, etc.

New contracts and chapters are unlocked when you accomplish previous ones in Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. Your gear will level up and you’ll get rewards as you progress through the campaign.

PvP events, completing objectives, and progressing on the ICA Reputation Road all offer awards that may be used to increase your character’s level, upgrade the parts of your rifles, and more.

Using a single tactic won’t cut it in Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, but if you lean on your agent’s knowledge and make the most of the wide range of weapons at your disposal, you should be alright.

Special Kills

In addition to boosting your score, special kills can assist keep you out of harm’s way. There are three kinds of environmental killings: burials, body disposals, and accidents.

Making a killing look like an accident is the goal of accidental killings. A deadly gas cloud that kills everybody in its path can be unleashed by shooting a valve in one step. Additionally, you can use a nearby object as a lure to draw the attention of your intended victim.

In order to dispose of a body, it must be shot in such a way that the victim’s body falls into a well or a woodchopper.

Both you and the killing go unnoticed.

To maximize your chances of evading detection and manipulating your targets, it’s usually a good idea to spend some time looking around before you begin shooting.

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